Packing List

Please note that winter in the U.S. is summer in Buenos Aires. Summers here are extremely hot. Spring and fall are both moderate, but the cement ground and tall buildings can make winter temperatures here can feel much colder than they read. Keep this in mind when you are packing your clothes.

What to Bring:

• Passport
• Airplane Tickets/Boarding Passes
• Receipt for Reciprocity Fee (no longer required as of March 24, 2016)
• Insurance Copies
Casual Clothes for daily activities
• Jeans/Shirts/Blouses
• Comfortable walking shoes
One or Two Nice Outfits
• Dress Pants/Slacks/Dress shoes
Other Items
• Bible
• Medicine
• Travel size umbrella or Rain Jacket
• Jacket depending on the season
• Toiletries
• A Towel

What You Might Bring:

• Camera (and charger)
• Laptop (and charger)
• Journal
• Voltage Converter 220/240V
• Spanish-English Bible
• Spanish-English Dictionary
• Travel First Aid Kit
• Plastic Bags for dirty clothes
• Extra eye glasses
• Feminine Products
• Sunglasses
• Water Bottle
• Watch
• Backpack
• Over-the-shoulder Purse (Ladies)
• Snacks (i.e. granola bars, peanut butter crackers)

What NOT to Bring:

• Expensive Jewelry (including diamond wedding rings: buy a cheap band at Wal-Mart for your trip)
• Short Shorts
• Flashy/Bright Clothing & Accessories
• Clothing with lots of English writing on them (This includes team logos, college names, most T-shirts with text except for well known logos like Nike or Adidas)