Types of Partnerships

The goal of all partnerships is opening a new work (that will eventually become a church) or engaging an unreached people group or people group segment.

Three Levels of Partnerships

Partnering Church

Partnering churches are churches that partner with a national church or church planter to start a new work that will lead to a new church.  This church would be making a long-term commitment with three to five trips per year.  Profiles of High Priority Zones and potential partners will be placed in the job bank.


Specialist or Special Project

This level of partnership would involve a person or group of persons with a special talent or gift.  They could commit to a long or short-term commitment, but they would use their special talent or gift to serve various national partners.  These partnerships will be developed as opportunities and needs arise.


Volunteer Church/Project

A volunteer church would commitment to at least one project per year.  National partners and IMB missionaries will develop these projects as they are needed and the requests will be available in a job bank for interested churches to see.




God's Heart for the Nations (PDF)
2016 Partnership Manual