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Biblical Marriage Workshop in La Boca

Last month a team of four came from Northland Baptist Church to serve in the neighborhood of La Boca. They worked with Pablo & Carmen who are sent out by their local church for the purpose of starting a church in this area of the city. La Boca is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It is known for its tourism, tango, and futbol (soccer). As one of the more poorer areas of the city it is faced with many challenges such as drugs, crime, and sexual promiscuity. It is not uncommon to find single parent homes nor is it uncommon for couples to live together without being married. For this reason, Pablo believes it is extremely important for those who attend their weekly Bible studies to known God’s plan & purpose for marriage & relationships. There are currently 3 small groups that gather during the week for Bible study. Pablo would ultimately like to see these 3 groups join together to form a church; however, because of crime & a lack of trust among people in general, there will have to be a lot of relationship building before that can happen.

Randy from Northland spent time walking through God’s foundation for biblical marriage and how a man & a woman complement one another to fulfill that purpose. Emiliano, who is a member of Pablo & Carmen’s church also served by interpreting for the team.

Pray that this group would desire to obey God & would see how committing to one another in marriage glorifies Him.






The Saturday small group had a very special time of continuing
to look at relationships from a biblical worldview and worshipping together. Many were challenged by God’s call to love sacrificially, to forgive unconditionally, and to serve joyfully.

Pray that this older couple would be open to having more people in their home and that they would grow in Christ.




God is amazing! He often glorifies Himself through the feeble and most hard hearted of men. Saturday night Pablo took the team to visit Carlos. Carlos is disabled and spends most of his time in a wheelchair as well as with a paintbrush in his mouth. Many of his paintings depict the beauty that exists in places where it’s difficult to see. You can also find symbols of hope with references to Scripture. But Carlos wasn’t always a God fearing man.

He shared his testimony of how he was an alcoholic living on the streets, who in spite of his size & disability was always eager to get in fights, especially with preachers. In spite of being raised in a Christian home, this didn’t deter Carlos from bringing shame upon his Christian parents, whom he said never ceased to pray for his salvation. God saved Carlos through a street preacher who challenged his lifestyle with Scripture, gave him a job, and held him accountable. Carlos said that his conversion & commitment to God was a sudden transformation. He immediately stopped drinking licor & desired to serve the Lord. Subsequently God began to use Carlos through painting, a gift that he never possessed until God saved him.

Carlos encouraged us beyond description and as we said goodbye, he took off down the street at 9pm in his electric wheelchair to attend church. His life is a testimony of God’s power and His mercy.


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