Saturday with Chacarita

The gospel must first be preached to all the nations. - Mark 13:10

This past Saturday, three of us from the Mission Buenos Aires Team spent the day with a small group of believers from the neighborhood of Chacarita. They are a group of young people, eager to learn more about the Gospel & Discipleship. We spent tim4cb016f17e20cb580ab638c61602d308e defining "What is the Gospel" from the Apostle Peter's example in Acts 2. His example presents us with 5 key elements that all of us as Christians must know and be able to explain as we share the Gospel with others and as the Church considers individuals as members of local churches. Apart from understanding who God is, the consequences of sin, the need for a Savior (Jesus Christ), faith in Christ, and repentance from sin, there is no true understanding or belief that the Apostle John says is required to be called a child of God.

They also learned and practiced how to share their testimony while at the same time identifying that the individual testimony of a believer is not the Gospel, but rather a bridge to sharing the Gospel. Bridges are necessary at times in order to guide a person from their world-view to a saving belief in Christ alone. To whom might we be called to share the Gospel? Consider the people that God has put in your path that you know well or come into contact with on a regular basis like family members, co-workers, friends, and even grocery store clerks and gas station attendants. They all need to hear the Gospel.

Emphasis was given to intentionally praying for God to work in the hearts of non-believers to prepare them to receive the "good seed" of the Gospel and to seek opportunities to gather together in small groups. These small groups can meet in homes, offices, or some neutral place like a coffee shop or park to gather together and study the Bible. Although Chacarita doesn't have a church building they have not forsaken their gathering together on a weekly basis at a local McDonalds. Their desire of gathering together weekly and to grow in wisdom and knowledge of the Scriptures is a reminder that the Christian's love for Christ is expressed through obedience to His commandments (John 14:21).

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