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Exalt Christ in Buenos Aires, by faithful obedience to His Word, making Him known to all peoples for His glory.

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Many of us remember earlier days of missions education in the local church, when teaching about missions usually followed the process of, 1) Learn 2) Feel 3) Experience. Most missions education took place in a classroom setting where dramatic stories from the mission field were used to conjure up mental images that invoked all levels of emotional responses. Rarely, if ever, did most participants in this process ever enjoy the first-hand experience of overseas missions work. The emotional response from missions study was the best most could ever hope for.

The end of the 20th century has seen a dramatic shift in missions involvement and the process of missions education. Many local churches began using volunteer mission trips as a substitute for missions education in the classroom. More members of Southern Baptist churches are experiencing international missions than ever before. The missions education process now looks like: 1) Experience 2) Feel 3) Learn.

By getting personally involved in overseas missions, whether by promoting, going, or being an intercessory prayer warrior, you and your church could reap benefits that will affect future generations of missionaries around the world, such as:

  • An exponential increase in your missions awareness and understanding.
  • The ability to focus missions education on real-time and real-life strategies.
  • An increase in the level of intercessory prayer for worldwide mission endeavors.
  • The creation of an atmosphere in your church that sets the stage for God to call out short-term and career missionaries from among your members.
  • An increase in financial support for the Cooperative Program and for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for international missions.
  • Strategic involvement in all aspects of the missionary task.
  • An increase in the awareness of lostness and the need for evangelism both overseas and at home.

The objective for involving stateside partners in our ministry is to help build bridges between the lost multitudes in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and believers in the United States, in order to declare the Lord’s name and plant new churches in every neighborhood of this mega-city. Our vision statement reflects our prayer for this city, “Christ in every heart, and a church in every neighborhood.”


What are THEY saying?

Brainerd Baptist Church

Brainerd Baptist has been involved in assisting the local church in Buenos Aires, Argentina for several years. It is encouraging to partner with a team like the BA team whose goal is not to come in and "take over" the churches, but to come along side the church to encourage and assist in whatever means necessary. The BA team has a God given strategy to evangelize the Argentine people and follow through with Discipleship with the local church at the forefront. - Josiah King

FBC Pasadena

Fellowship Church

Here's a video recap of my two weeks in Buenos Aires. I had the honor and privilege of serving alongside some wonderful brothers and sisters and had my eyes opened to the many needs facing the church in Argentina. I've never been met with such love and hospitality, and cannot wait to go back. - Brandon Queen

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